ND Premium Design


Origin of the company

We are two entrepreneurs who like to spend a lot of time at the pool and for many years we had no effective alternative in an above ground pool for an item or an accessory that could accommodate the drinks that were brought.

Aware that this was a need for many more people, we developed and marketed the ultimate accessory to respond to this void: The Premium Pool Drink Holder

There was the birth of our very first product and at the same time, of ND Premium Design Inc., a company specializing in inventing and optimizing plastic and metal products and accessories used by people in their daily lives in order to facilitate their life and experience more happiness on a daily basis.

So, if you’re like us and you like to bring a drink to the pool and you want an effective, durable and pleasant solution for you and your children, jump on the Premium Pool Drink Holder offered in several colors.

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